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University Employee
Retirement Plan Management

Building a Brighter Future

Our team of fiduciary based advisors has had the privilege of partnering with several dozen employees from the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University, and Duke University for the past 13 years in managing their retirement portfolios and providing financial planning to help their families. 

Our partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network affords us the ability to partner with a robust Portfolio Analysis/Research Team and Advanced Financial Planning Team

Our initial consultations are complimentary and we encourage you to reach out via phone or email to schedule a time together.

Comprehensive Portfolio Management:

  • Our Research Team has constructed both TIAA and Fidelity portfolios to complement your specific Legacy Goals.   Our advisors are independent avisors not affiliated with the plans, TIAA or Fidelity.

  • We use an independent, fiduciary-driven platform to manage our client's portfolios, both within the university plans and outside the university retirement plans. Utilizing the various investment options and their combinations can help to make a significant long-term impact.

In-Depth Financial Planning Process:

Financial planning is the cornerstone of our counsel to clients in defining, creating, and executing their Legacy Endeavors.

The university offers many benefits that are evaluated in our financial planning approach, including, but not limited to:

  • ​Health Insurance

  • Dental & Vision Coverage

  • Life Insurance

  • Legal Services

  • Child Care Assistance

Legacy Wealth Partners is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University, or Duke University.

Neither Legacy Wealth Partners nor Commonwealth are sponsored by, affiliated with, or in any way related to TIAA, Fidelity or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries.   

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