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Let's keep this going

Continued Partnership and Financial Success

We greatly value your continued partnership in your financial success and look forward to our next time together.  We are always looking for ways to enhance your experience with us, please utilize the "Contact Us" link in the upper right corner above to provide feedback.

There are 2 main financial picture logins that our clients utilize: Right Capital and Commonwealth's Investor360°

Right Capital:

We want our clients to have the capability of logging into one place to see all of their assets, liabilities, budgetary information, estate planning documents, etc.

Right Capital provides real-time information on our clients' overall financial picture.


Our clients who utilize this complimentary Right Capital service give us the opportunity to review real-time information in advance of our time together to provide them with a timely and effective counsel.

Commonwealth Investor360°:

Commonwealth Financial Network access via Investor360° for statements and transaction detail (includes University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan TIAA Cref and Fidelity assets our firm is managing): 

Click on the button below to watch this short video to learn how Investor360°

delivers easy online access for all of your managed portfolios:

Growing the Right Way


It is the nature of our business that most new clients enter our office as referrals from existing clients—clients who have benefited from and enjoyed the experience of working with us. We find that our clients tend to refer individuals who are like themselves: kind, good people who are serious about making smart decisions concerning their financial future. We, in turn, find it a pleasure to work with these individuals.

If you are pleased with your experience with us, we would kindly ask that you mention our name to any friends or family members who you think would be a good fit for our practice. We are looking for individuals who are searching for a trusted relationship with a financial professional; who are looking for long-term financial guidance, not shortcuts nor the next hot trend in the financial world.

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