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Our Approach

After developing a thorough understanding of your current, near-term, and long-term legacy goals, we will work together to create a customized financial plan and supporting investment portfolio(s) designed to support those goals and aspirations. In order to accomplish this, we will take you through our financial planning process, which is designed to help us determine how to best address your financial goals and dreams.

1.  Discover 

  • What are your legacy aspirations?  What do you hope to do for your family/friends or your community in this lifetime and to impact people after you leave this life?

  • Do you have a high or low tolerance for risk?   

  • What is your investment objective?  

  • Do you have any specific tax considerations?  

  • What is your time horizon? 


Designed Around










2.  Recommend   

  • A tailored financial plan to accomplish your current and future goals

  • Supporting investment portfolio and other financial solution recommendations  

  • Customized asset allocation strategies  

  • Connections with our trusted local partners with expertise in executing estate planning documents and tax planning strategies


3.  Implement 

  • After developing your customized financial plan, our role as a legacy coach is to encourage those next steps to happen.

  • Our team takes care of establishing the associated recommended investment or other financial strategies to support your legacy goals.

  • We have a robust suite of technology to assist on a regular basis to stay on track until we meet again.​


4.  Review


  • Our review process takes two main forms:    

a.  Internal Portfolio Management and Financial Planning Due Diligence:

  • Locally, we have partnered with the Michigan Advisory Council, which includes 6 financial advisors from 4 wealth management firms in Southeast Michigan, with more than 60 years of collective investment and economic expertise. This council meets on a monthly basis to provide cutting-edge economic data from various sources and client experience best practices. During the monthly meetings, each asset class is evaluated for the best investment opportunity for our clients, and, quarterly, the relative weightings between the asset classes are evaluated based on current global market factors.


  • Nationally, we have partnered with Commonwealth's Research team of 22 highly qualified investment professionals with a collective experience of more than 100 years. This Commonwealth team currently has 9 Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) and 9 Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIAs). This valuable Research team provides evaluation and research directly to us regarding our portfolio construction on a monthly basis and provides daily market and economic update calls.

  • From a financial planning perspective, we have partnered nationally with Commonwealth's Advanced Planning team of 7 financial planning professionals that is composed of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals and estate planning attorneys. This team provides us with a partnership of deep expertise as we prepare the customized financial plans to support our clients' desired legacy outcomes.

b.  Client Engagement 

  • We encourage our clients to meet with us in person at least once a year so that we can remain timely with their overall financial situations and engage solutions for changes to their lives since our last time together.

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