Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services - Utilizing Our Team in Your Estate Planning and Administration Process

Our clients are accustomed to our level of service and our investment management and financial planning process.  We sought a broker/dealer that allowed us to maintain the control of the core components of portfolio construction and client connectivity, while affording us the opportunity to connect with a partner that could serve in a fiduciary capacity for clients in their estate planning documents to provide estate settlement services, trust bill services, and other fiduciary roles.  One of the reasons we partnered with Commonwealth is that they have partnerships with 5 renowned fiduciary services partners that their financial advisors have access with their clients.

From the available 5 partners, we were impressed with the Bank of Oklahoma, which travels into our office annually for in-person meetings with our clients and our firm.

We help our client's estate planning attorneys to list the Bank of Oklahoma as their corporate fiduciary in their estate planning document so that we can provide this level of service to our clients.

Trust Services

The Bank of Oklahoma Private Wealth Group is composed of 135 trust, fiduciary, and investment officers.

Personal Trust Administration
Through our relationship with this institution, we have the ability to assist our clients in the administration of trusts, including distributions to beneficiaries, tax filings, bill paying, and detailed financial records.

Estate Administration Services
One of the reasons we partnered with this institution is that they come in town locally to meet with our clients on an annual basis.  These services involving personal trust, probate, and estate settlement and administration include, but are not limited to:

  • Compliance with applicable state probate laws and federal estate tax laws
  • Collecting, appraising, inventorying, and managing of estate assets
  • Payment of debts and expenses
  • Tax return reporting and coordination of tax matters with outside accountants
  • Distribution of assets in accordance with testamentary instruments
  • Obtaining the latest will and reviewing its instructions
  • Court filings and legal notices
  • Coordination with other trustees, guardians, and conservators

Specialty Asset Management
Bank of Oklahoma’s Trust services are experts in the handling of mineral and land management.

Trust services provided through fiduciary partners are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.

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For more information regarding these services, learn more about detailed partnership information.