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Alternative Dispute

Working Toward a Better Divorce Outcome

The prospect of getting a divorce can seem overwhelming. We aim to assist you by providing the financial information you need to make good decisions throughout the divorce process and keep the power in your hands, not the judge. 

Toni Wander received training in collaborative divorce and divorce mediation.  She took Collaborative Divorce training in 2004 and Divorce Mediation training in 2008.  Both options minimize the need for a judge to make decisions that are more appropriately made by the family: 

  • In mediation, the couple meets with a mediator, often with attorneys present, and works through the divorce decisions themselves. The mediator is neutral in the room, providing guidance through the process, but not advocating for one side or the other.

  • In the collaborative divorce approach, a professional team supports couples through the emotional aspects of divorce as they resolve the legal and financial issues.  This team includes two attorneys, one or two mental health professionals, and a neutral financial planner, all with collaborative divorce training.  The parties and professionals all sign a commitment to reach a settlement without going to court.

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Meet Toni Wander

As a financial specialist in the divorce process, Toni assists clients with financial decisions by creating financial projections to help illustrate their net worth and cash flows.  Working in conjunction with the divorce attorneys, Toni explores different solutions to help the couple divide their financial lives, going over everything with each of them to make sure they understand the options.  She empowers each spouse individually with the tools and knowledge needed to make the right decisions to move forward into a better life.

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